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Have an eVetsites website, and no time to work on it?

We can do a site Makeover for you!

Your website need to look more professional, but don't know where to start?

We can do a site Makeover for you!

(Note: Makover services are billable.)

All we need from you is what colors you would like, (generally we match logo colors), a template choice from our current templates, and we will get to work!

Makeovers include:

  • New Template set
  • Templates colors matched to your logo or your color choices
  • Header image changed to an image of your choice
  • Paw Print Navigation if not available on your new template if you want them
  • All pages are cleared of multiple fonts, colors, etc.
  • All pages are set in default font, bolds and centered text remains the same.
  • Some reorganization of content on pages may be necessary to optimize space and design aspects.
  • Reorganization of menu.
  • Adjustments in headers, footers, common content to fully take advantage of the template choices design.
  • All pages will be check to be sure they all look good in the new template choice.  With some of the older full width templates, the text can cause run over in the newer style templates.  This is all fixed to fit the new template.

See some of our makeovers below